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Excellent Vin Cave Avis publié : 8 novembre 2017

We are from Australia, excellent staff, very knowledgable with a very good range of wines for tasting. We purchaced a few bottle of the red - just fantastic and well priced for the quality. Chateauneuf du Pape is the capital of France for its Grenache based wines - most are blends with Grenache being the majority - enjoy

Excellent stop to learn about the local wines Avis publié : 7 novembre 2017

We stopped in here following Rick Steve's recommendation and were lucky to find Danielle Brunel herself at the desk. Danielle was informative, patient and extremely approachable and was happy to explain the intricacies of Chateauneuf-du-Pape wines and the history of her husband's family in winemaking. The tastings she provided gave a good overview of the area. The village is lovely and with so many wine houses it calls our for a longer stay. Highly recommend The Best Vintage.

Fabulous! 2 octobre 2017

We visited the store as the last stop on a wine tour of Chateauneuf du Pape, and it truly was saving the best to last. We hadn't tasted a bad wine all day, as you'd expect, but the wines here were truly sublime and the atmosphere in the store was really relaxed an unpretentious. Corinne who talked us through the selection of wines was absolutely brilliant, there was no pressure put on anyone to buy, there was just a genuine enthusiasm and love for the wines.

Great wine, but would you expect less?? :-) Avis publié : 28 septembre 2017

We had an excellent tasting with Corinne, both whites and reds. Of course, the reds win but I was tempted with one of the whites! I would recommend without reservation. I am looking forward to serving this bottle with very special friends....

Amazing collection of wine from all around the valley Avis publié : 24 septembre 2017

If you only have time to stop in one place, this is it. Very helpful and a wonderful selection from around the Rhone valley. Their shipping rates are consistent.

We will definitely be stopping in here again. I would recommend to everyone.

Must do! Avis publié : 23 septembre 2017

We recently spent a week in Provence and made a stop in Chateauneuf du Pape and stopped here for a wine tasting. Stephanie was terrific and spoke great English making our experience very enjoyable. We also loved the wines!

From tasting to shipping was in great hands Avis publié : 26 mai 2017

After sampling at a number of Chateauneuf cellars we entered the Best Vintage based on a recommendation. The selection is larger than many other locations and the wines we sampled were wonderful. The price range could meet different budgets and once one invests in a case to be shipped (which is at a lower price than many of the neighbors) then a discount can be had as VAT is removed. My shipment arrived in Texas 1 week later in perfect condition and is now comfortably in my wine fridge. Highly Recommended.

Great way to ship wine home Avis publié : 10 mai 2017

I've stopped into this shop twice over the last 2 years at the end of a private wine tasting tour with Le Gout des Autres Wine Prestige Tour (check them out). We stopped in simply to ship home some of the wines I tasted that day. I didn't do do any wine tastings here, but maybe next year. The staff is really friendly and helpful. And, in fact, I got home and decided I wanted to ship a 2nd case back with the first one that I had ordered in the shop. Stephane was super helpful in working with me to do that. As noted in other reviews, this shop is great because they carry wines from numerous vineyards in the area so you can buy the wines in the shop and send them home. One note - I don't believe you can bring in wine that you bought elsewhere. Their shipping partner is Mailboxes etc. Last year, I had a case shipped back and everything arrived in good shape. I expect no less with the 2 cases I'm expecting this month.

Wine tasting with a great selection. Avis publié : 30 avril 2017

This shop is a little unusual because they offer wines from many different vineyards in Chateauneuf-du-Pape as well as their excellent family vintage. Usually the tasting rooms offer only wines from their own vineyard. Stephane whose english was excellent was very knowledgable and offered us numerous choices to taste and enjoy.

wonderful wine shop Avis publié : 20 avril 2017

We stopped in as part of a private tour of the area. The wines were very good, each with the story behind it, and the owner was willing to take all our questions. They feature their own wines, but you can also purchase wines from other vineyards and even other appellations. We liked the wines so much we ordered a few and were able to ship them back to the US. The prices are reasonable, although shipping is not cheap. The wines arrived in great shape a day early. I can definitely recommend The Best Vintage to others, and will likely order wine here in the future.